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What Educators are Saying About the Value of the IEN

Sherrilynn Bair, Curriculum Director, Snake River School District – “Bandwidth is the new electricity. While judicious use is necessary...It's no longer feasible to expect students to learn without adequate bandwidth.” Read More

Jared Jenks, Principal, Sugar-Salem High School – “Sugar-Salem High School has been using the IEN for the past five or six years. The educational value of the IEN and the educational opportunities that have been afforded to the students at Sugar-Salem High School cannot be overstated.” Read More

Colleen Thomson, Director of Instruction, North Idaho STEM Charter Academy - “Being in a rural area, many of our students travel a great distance to attend school…The IEN program is critical for our program. The ability to share our data, to provide real-world online collaboration among educators and student to student is another component of best practices that is critical for success in the 21st century and positively impacts student learning.” Read More

Andy Grover, Superintendent, Melba School District – “The use of the internet in our school district has become part of our everyday norm and we are using it to give needed opportunities to our students in a rural school.” Read More

Will Goodman, Director of Technology, Mountain Home School District and President of the Idaho Education Technology Association - “IEN is widely viewed as a successful project by Idaho schools…Districts that lacked an option for high speed internet are now able to offer their students courses from outside their district, and many dual credit courses with college partners.” Read More

IEN Receives USDA Grant to Expand Distance Learning in Rural Idaho

Funding supports ConnectED initiative to expand access to education

USDA announced that Idaho is one of 25 states to receive investment funds to expand distance learning opportunties to rural students. The grants for distance learning and telemedicine services helps support the federal ConnectED initiative, an effort to connect 99 percent of America's students to high-speed broadband over the next five years. The Idaho Education Network will purchase distance learning equipment for 62 K-8 schools in Idaho's most rural and economically challenged communities. Read the full announcement here.

Sugar Salem High School Speaks with President Carter

Students from Sugar Salem High School celebrated the anniversary of the the landmark Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) by joining President Carter on a live interactive videoconference on Monday, December 2, 2013. President Carter answered questions from Sugar Salem High School and four other schools after speaking about ANILCA, a conservation land act doubling the size of the National Park System in 1980. This videoconference event was part of the Presidential Primary Sources Project, a collaborative program sponsored by the U.S. Presidential Libraries and Museums, the National Park Service, the Internet2 Initiative, and other stakeholders.

For more information and teacher resources visit the National Park Service website or to learn more about the Presidential Primary Source Project, visit the Internet2 website. The connection from the Idaho Education Network to Internet2 was provided by the Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON).

IEN recognized for Digital Innovation by the National Journal

Classrooms That Span the Vast Expanse

The National Journal just announced the Idaho Education Network as the winner in Digital Innovation for their annual Back in Business Special Report. This report celebrates pragmatic problem-solvers in business, the civic sector, local government, and partnerships that creatively combine all three. IEN figured out how to get a high-speed broadband network to students across the state to provide access, collaborations, and opportunities regardless of geographic location. Read more here.

IEN was also featured on MSNBC's Morning Joe edition.

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